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Dies ist eine Replik auf einen englischen Blogpost und daher in Englisch verfasst (bzw. das was ich für Englisch halte 😉 )

This is a reply to my friend @DanielaKayB, who wrote a blog post titled »Go on, we’re listening« in which she talks about #gamergate and other issues she considers relevant for modern feminism in the digital age. The people who have seen Daniela and me discuss various issues (e.g. liquid democracy) know that we tend to have very different opinions, but get along surprisingly well discussing those. She asked for replies in form of rationally articulated arguments. Well, rationally articulated arguments is what I do, or at least what I try to do most of the time. I also see myself as a critic of modern »internet feminism«, which is enough for many people to brand me a generally bad person, but since Daniela and I do have a little bit of history I want to answer.

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